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Sabtu, 06 Agustus 2011

AdWords Advertiser From Google

Dear AdWords Advertiser,

After reviewing your account, we found that one or more of your ads or
keywords have been disapproved. Until you edit your ads or keywords to
make them compliant, your ads unfortunately won't be able to show up on
Google, our search partners, or on Display Network placements.

Below you'll find the reason why your ads or keywords have been
disapproved, and at the end of this email, you'll find a Problem Report
that includes details about which ads or keywords have been disapproved
and what you can do to fix them.

Disapproval Reason
Inaccurate Display URL: Your display URL must accurately reflect the
URL of your website. Please follow the guidelines below.

1. Use the same domain name in your display URL and destination URL.
For example, if you’re advertising example.com, you can’t use
google.com as your display URL.

2. Use the same domain extension in your display URL and destination
For example, if you’re advertising example.com, you can’t use
example.co.uk as your display URL.

3. Don’t redirect users to a different destination URL.
For example, if you’re advertising example.com, example.com can’t
redirect users to google.com.
Redirects used for tracking purposes are fine if the final destination
URL uses the same domain as the display URL.

4. If your site’s hosted on a domain that hosts other sites, include a
domain and path.
For example, if you’re advertising mycompany.blogspot.com, you can’t
use blogspot.com as your display URL. Use mycompany.blogspot.com

5. If your destination URL is too long for your ad, use a shortened
version -- like your
homepage -- that meets the character limit for this field. Check your
spelling and symbols for
accuracy, and make sure your display URL doesn’t contain an
extraneous "http://" or "https://."

Please be aware that your ads may be affected by other AdWords
policies. To review our advertising policies, please see:

Repeated violations of our policies might result in your AdWords
account getting permanently suspended. To keep your account active,
please make sure you follow our advertising policies. You can review
our advertising policies at:

The Google AdWords Team
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