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Sabtu, 21 Mei 2011

Hope the Indonesian people

Many of inequality that occurred in Indonesia in the field of Political, Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, Defense, Religion and Education. Economic Situation in Indonesia is increasingly unstable, even at say getting worse. People's life increasingly oppressed and burdened by poverty which is very far from a prosperous and decent life in added again with the rising prices of basic foods, medicines, cost of education. The lack of jobs, victims of layoffs that eventually more and add a long list of unemployed while the needs and demands of life must remain filled. What about the promise of the Government promises to eradicate poverty which until now not been realized? When will people can prosper if the Authority thinks only his own interests only. And of course all this will impact negatively on children education compulsory school age children, they are not able to continue their schooling or their education due to lack of education now costs much less expensive cost, the Government should provide free education for children who can not afford. What about the future and the fate of the Nation State Children this as the next generation of the Nation. As a result of lack of education of many children of children who eventually become singers and street children and beggars, of course, ultimately bad for the psyche and behavior. As we know the thuggery after the probe mostly from singers or street children who can take the conclusion as a result of lack of education (ignorance) and do not understand religion is minimal, and the crush of Economics. KAPOLRI Jend.Pol.Bambang Hendarso Danuri has made a breakthrough he declared war on hooliganism, but many are skeptical of its success. When police ran out of energy trying to eradicate hooliganism, so that time will also appear thuggery in Indonesia with a more alarming scale and could have been a crime will be made more severe to be troubling people cause difficult in enforce law, justice, citizen rights is also difficult in enforce, if they in let it grow to it needs to think about how to deal with hooliganism in Indonesia. The existence of an idea from the Government to implement the economic system of capitalism in Indonesia, this creates a lot of protest from the Indonesian People's why so? The weakness of the capitalist economic system. Capitalist derived from the capital, which means capital. In the capitalist system is the highest authority on hold by the owners of capital in a company are the shareholders. In the prevailing system of company profits can only enjoy the shareholders and does not have a significant impact on the welfare of employees or workers. So should the Indonesian government did not adopt the capitalist economic system. so the rich get richer, the poor getting poorer and stupid. So that someday will impact negatively on them unequal education because of the limited cost. Therefore let us together as citizens of Indonesia are both trying to care about the environment around us, aware of the importance of education and religion (learn according to their beliefs, understand, contemplate and resume practicing) has the nature of responsibility (trust). All of them took part in their respective roles and is responsible for its prosperity this country Indonesia, ranging from state leaders, the state attributes, the means of the state, to the smallest communities side by side let's hand for the creation of the younger generation who have the manners and morals as a noble man as the Caliph in advance
Written by : ariewayq


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