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Sabtu, 21 Mei 2011

god secrets to be learned and taught

"We will show them Our signs in all regions of the earth and in their own souls until they clearly see that this is the truth ..." (Surah Fussilat 41:53)

In the middle between the north pole and south pole, there is an area called the 'Zero Magnetism Area', which means that if we remove the compass in the area, then the compass needle will not move at all because of the attractiveness of the same magnitude between the two poles .

That is why if someone is living in Mecca, then he will live longer, healthier, and not much influenced by many forces of gravity. Therefore when we round the Kaaba, it seems we re-cleaned by a mysterious energy, and this is a fact that has been proven scientifically.

Neil Armstrong has proven that the city of Mecca is the center of the planet Earth. This fact has been tested through scientific study.The astronauts have discovered that the planet Earth, it issued a kind of radiation, they officially announce it on the Internet, but unfortunately it 21 days later the website there seems to be missing a hidden reason behind the elimination of the website.

When Neil Armstrong for the first time to travel into space and take pictures of the planet Earth, he said, "Planet Earth depends on a very dark area, who hung it?

secrets of the earth are many unanswered
therefore science is not for the superior-superior, showing off, nakut a discouraging and stingy to knowledge. Science should be studied to understand in, and than, in practice and in teaching.

After doing further research, it turns out radiation was centered in the city of Mecca, precisely derived from the Kaaba. What is surprising is that radiation is infinite (endless), this is proven when they take pictures of Mars, the radiation is still ongoing. Muslim Researchers believe that this radiation has the characteristics and connections between the Kaaba on the planet Earth with the afterlife. (Like teleport)

Arab countries do not be pompous and arrogant about it, but in thankful and in Mecca learned because it does not belong to anyone except the king of the universe belongs to God.

and to western countries also do not be arrogant because they feel more superior and intelligent, human intelligence is nothing more than a drop of water dripping on the tip of his finger distinguished by a vast ocean.Written by ariewayq


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